Runaway Arctic Methane Meltdown Emergency!

The rapid melting of the north pole region of the Arctic is happening quickly.

Massive amounts of methane are being released into the atmosphere annually.  Estimates are that up to 50 -500 gigatons of methane may be released from this particular region alone in the coming years and decades.

Already, the Earth has had 5 gigatons of methane released into its atmosphere since the pre-industrial age.  Methane is 50-100 times more lethal in terms of greenhouse gases such as CO2 in trapping thermal heat within our atmosphere.  We are now witnessing a runaway methane arctic meltdown emergency of staggering proportions.  We could see an ice free Arctic for the first time in a million years occur between 2017-2020.  Mid-september is usually the time where Arctic ice is at its lowest level. We are now witnessing a dramatic diminishing of the Arctic ice pack at the North pole. Without Arctic ice to reflect incoming solar radiation, the planet is sure to warm up several more degrees.  Let it also be remembered that every 1 degree fahrenheit increase at the equatorial regions translates into a 10 degree fahrenheit increase at the poles.  All efforts must NOW be made to END the hydrocarbon economy and rapidly transit our civilization onto a non-polluting, free energy path of energy independence.  If we do NOT end the runaway release of methane from the Arctic region, we will most likely end all life on Earth.   This is a global warming EMERGENCY of the highest order.



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